Category: Activity Reports
Location: Lusaka
Year: 2017


I am delighted to present the 2017 Activity Progress Report of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR)’s Levy Mwanawasa Regional Centre for Democracy and Good Governance. This Report is a summary of results attained from January to September 2017. It reviews the main results achieved against the five strategic objectives and the three institutional objectivesof the 2017 Action Plan. The report also presents lessons learnt during the implementation of the 2017 Work Plan and further outlines possible areas of improvement for the Regional Centre to effectively contribute to the successful implementation of the Pact on Security, Stability and Development in the Great Lakes Region. In 2017, the Regional Centre continued to execute its mandate, that of being a scientific and technical organ of the ICGLR. Allow me to outline few very concrete achievements for this year. First, the Regional Centre facilitated the adoption of the Regional Strategy and Action Plan for implementing the 2014 Declaration of the ICGLR Special Summit of Heads of State
and Government on the fight against Youth unemployment through infrastructure development and investment promotion by the ICGLR Member States Ministers in charge of Youth Affairs at the meeting co-organized by the Conference Secretariat and the Office of the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General for the Great Lakes Region from 7th to 9th June 2017 in Livingstone, Zambia.
Second, the LMRC reviewed and finalised the assessment Report on the implementation of the ICGLR Pact on Security, Stability and Development in the Great Lakes Region between 2007 and 2016 following a recommendation of the RIMC in order to inform deliberations and decision of the 10-year Special Summit. The LMRC will finally present research findings and recommendations to the 7th Ordinary Summit scheduled to take place on 19th October 2017.
Third, the Centre conducted research on challenges of peacebuilding, resilience and peaceful elections in conflict affected countries, specifically Central African Republic and South Sudan. The research reports on the two countries propose to policy makers and other key stakeholders’ strategic options for strengthening peacebuilding processes and resilience of communities and States.
Fourth, the LMRC continued to provide on request technical support to ICGLR Regional Fora for Women, Youth and Civil Society aimed at strengthening their capacity. For example, the Centre participated to the Executive Committee meeting of the Regional Youth Forum in Mombasa, Kenya, from 28th February to 2nd March 2017, during which progress on the establishment and operationalisation of the Regional Youth Forum (RMYF) Secretariat was reviewed. Recommendations for the religion were presented to the meeting of the ICGLR Member States Ministers in charge of Youth Affairs on 9th June 2017 in Livingstone, Zambia. Fifth, the LMRC also facilitated a Workshop on the implementation of laws and policies on Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in Zambia from 6th to 7th September 2017 in partnership with the ICGLR Conference Secretariat and the Zambia ICGLR National
Coordination Mechanism.
Finally, I take this opportunity to express our gratitude to ICGLR stakeholders and partners of the Regional Centre for the continued support. I further wish to encourage Member States to continue supporting the work of the ICGLR to realize a peaceful and developed Great Lakes Region.

Frank Okuthe-Oyugi, PhD
Executive Director

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